Situation in Lebanon’s hospitals is alarming. People are suffering and need immediate help.

Child from Lebanon getting treated in a hospital
Child from Lebanon getting treated in a hospital

Lebanon, the land of wonders, but also sadness. On one hand, this country incredibly surprises its visitors not only with its beauty but also with the kindness of its people. On the other hand, it transfers a message of a huge pain from witnessing poverty, helplessness, and the suffering of people living in there.

Lebanon’s hospitals are facing an alarming situation, as a result of economic collapse, political instability, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic pushing them to the brink. The residents of Lebanon have to face severe problems when it comes to health care such as insufficient financial resources and scarcity of medicine needed to maintain the health of the patients stable.

We got a chance to talk to some of the authorized workers and management of one of the hospitals located in Lebanon, Notre Dame Des Secours, Centre Hospitalier Univeritairet. The situation is truly alarming and they are in need of help.


Here are statements provided by the people of Lebanon suffering from the situation:

“I’m tired of being a burden of my family. My daughters, in-laws, grandkids… everyone is suffering because of me. I have never seen my husband cry, only now. At times, he simply cannot gather enough money for my treatments. I am tired. Tired of this. Everyone around me is tired from the fact that I cannot be medically treated the way I need to be. Even though I am the only one sick in my family, I feel like I am infecting everyone around me. There is no one to give me strength except god.”

Patient in need of a treatment

Patient in need of a treatment

“I am the house provider and caretaker of my family. My husband is a paraplegic, he’s been paralyzed for 28 years. My kid was 5 when I was first diagnosed. 6 years later, the cancer came back and this time it was in my lungs. Year later it spread to my thyroid. After that, the tests showed that cancer had also reached my bones. I have no stable income, social security, or insurance to rely on.”

“Our journey with cancer spans 5 years, during which we faced many hardships. We changed emotionally and physically, but overall our finances suffered the most. We had to sell our most prized possessions, like our kid’s belongings to provide treatment for Nabil, my husband. At one point, we also had to sell some of our home furniture. This situation humbled us and made us grateful for what we own. But hopefully, one day Nabil will heal and we’ll be able to gain everything back.”

Statement given by a Lebanon’s doctor:

“I know the circumstances are tough. Our community is struggling greatly both economically and socially. I know that when we diagnose a dangerous illness, such as cancer, we need tests, MRIs, PET scans, biopsies, or other expensive procedures. I know it is a life-or-death matter for my patients and also that they cannot cover all of the treatment costs. The price of medications is also quite high. Regardless, we will find a way to help them.”


Team of Lebanon's doctors

Team of Lebanon’s doctors


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