Women in Action is engaged into charity and social responsibility projects aiming to support career development of girls and young women who face barriers due to their socio-economic status. 


In cooperation with Nadace Terezy Maxove, we give an opportunity to the 17-year old girls from the orphanages to be actively involved in the event preparation and onsite organization. The goal is to train the girls and give them a first job opportunity as conference hostesses and coordinators during our events. 

By providing young girls with the first hand work-experience and  a direct exposure to the successful female participants and role-models, we hope their first steps after leaving the orphanages will be smoother and they will be, at least a little bit, better prepared for the life that awaits for them outside the orphanage, and for their first jobs. 

We strongly believe that every girl and every young woman in our society should have a chance to become a successful business leader or entrepreneur in the future. Sometimes all is needed is a supportive hand at a start.