Magazine - Women in action

Lucia winning the World Championship

The world champion in footgolf is Slovak Lucia Čermáková: Women complement footgolf with their elegance

After the recent pandemic situation, Slovaks’ desire to be active and live a healthy life has increased. We have returned to activities that the unfavourable pandemic situation had taken from us...

Podcast V TROJKE

Young Slovaks started a podcast called V TROJKE: “We thrive to inspire others,” they say

“We want our podcast V TROJKE (from Slovak: In a threesome) to be as inspiring as the guests who work with us,” said the young founders of the podcast V TROJKE, Matúš “Matty” D...

Jana Masarčová

Euro candidate Jana Masarčová: I see the potential of Slovakia to move ahead

The period, when we can define the future of the European Union, is slowly approaching. The European elections, held every five years, are a significant event for the political scene across Europe. Th...

Gautam Rana, the Ambassador of the United States of America to the Slovak Republic

Embassy of United States of America in Slovakia reacts to the topic of gender equality

Gender equal pay has become one of the most mentioned topics nowadays. Do women and men receive the appropriate amount of money for their work? We got the chance to discuss this topic with the Ambassa...

Child from Lebanon getting treated in a hospital

Situation in Lebanon’s hospitals is alarming. People are suffering and need immediate help.

Lebanon, the land of wonders, but also sadness. On one hand, this country incredibly surprises its visitors not only with its beauty but also with the kindness of its people. On the other hand, it tra...

Karin Marček Malenovská

Pharmacist Karin busts myths: The worst thing we can do when having a fever is to take a cold shower

Nowadays, the topic of health is the subject of constant interest and diverse discussions. With the development of medicine and pharmacology, new drugs and treatment procedures are entering the market...

Influencer Dominika Bánszka

Lifestyle influencer Dominika: Men are the easiest audience, but not my target one

Influencer Dominika Bánszka, known on Instagram as @23dominika, has over 100,000 followers. Through her posts, she motivates her audience towards self-love and the pursuit of genuine values. Daily, sh...

Peter Šebo

Expert Peter Šebo advises on teaching children to navigate the internet: We have to talk about social media with our kids

One of the first things that comes up to our minds when thinking of an indispensable part of our days, is undoubtedly the internet. It comes with a great deal of benefits, not only in the world of bus...

Authors Zuzana a Gabriela

Story of writer Zuzana Palovič: Slovakia is unique to me, because it is my homeland

Zuzana Palovič, a successful writer born in Slovakia, raised in Canada, dedicates her career to raising public awareness about her Slovak homeland. Thanks to living in many different places, the world...

Max Joseph

Max Joseph: The idea of putting a movie together was always really scary, and still is.

Max Joseph, a name synonymous with cinematic creativity and innovation, has left an indelible mark on the world of film. He delighted his audience with the newest documentary “15 minutes of sham...

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