Women in Action join their forces with the female factor

When active women meet together, something incredible always comes out of it.

Leaders of the Vienna-based female Factor (FF), the global community for future female leaders, connect with the co-founders of the Women in Action (WA), English-speaking platform for female expat entrepreneurs, founders, and philanthropists, in Prague in order to boost their mutual presence and outreach across Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

We believe it is imperative for women organizations to hold together — the more initiatives we implement, the higher chances we have to make the difference and to adjust the percentage of female business leaders on top positions across the globe. The female factor and Women in Action have agreed to become partner organizations in achieving this mutual goal and will also serve as each other’s Ambassador.

The female factor is currently entering Czech market, exploring the partnerships and building community. Together, the female factor and Women in Action will focus on creating opportunities to support English-speaking female professionals and will connect them globally, by providing high-quality mentoring programs, events and networking opportunities.

About organisations: 

The female factor is a global community for a new era of female leaders enabling them to get their seat at the table by boosting confidence, competence & connections. FF supports these female leaders through mentoring, networking and our career programs.

Women in Action is the home for the female business leaders, founders, investors, and philanthropists across Czech Republic and Slovakia with a common vision of more inclusive and prosperous future. WA is an English speaking platform that is set to unite expat and local women communities and give space for networking, meetings and sharing business ideas.

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