Latest clothing collection 4F×AL ESSENTIALS has been designed in line with the principles of more sustainable fashion. The garments are fully made of organic cotton and recycled polyester. The line foreshadows larger collection by 4F and Anna Lewandowska which will premiere this summer.

Colours of the 4F and Anna Lewandowska’s track suits have been inspired by natural landscape. Water, sky and sand are reflected in three colour variants of the clothes. Off-white models were not dyed thus preserving the natural colour of yarn, which they had been made of. Natural colouring and timeless cuts were selected according to the mix&match rule, where various items can be worn together maintaining the look’s coherence.
References to landscape do not end with aesthetics. The entire collection has been created in accordance with the 4F CHANGE strategy, which aims at minimising negative impact of the textile industry on the environment. The line of clothes is made exclusively of materials obtained in more sustainable way. They are composed in 79 percent of organic cotton and in 21 percent of recycled polyester. Meanwhile, t-shirts are made of organic cotton only.

Protection of our planet and related issues are extremely important for both our team at 4F as well as Anna Lewandowska, who has been supporting #4FChange strategy from its very beginning. We created, inter alia, Wear_Fair zone in our outlets, where we give clothes a second life. While designing the latest 4F×AL collection, we wanted to create high quality clothes made of more eco-friendly materials, which will allow their users to enjoy them for many years,

said Magdalena Stępień-Łyga, Senior Brand Director and Board of Directors Member, OTCF.

4F×AL ESSENTIALS track suits are perfect for warm, summer days. Fabrics were selected to ensure maximum comfort for their users. These are high-quality materials making clothes both sheer and soft in touch. Antibacterial solutions hamper the growth of microorganisms, which are responsible for the unpleasant smell.

I’m really proud of the ESSENTIALS collection and I must admit that I was impatiently waiting for the moment when it enters 4F outlets and I’m able to share the effects of this cooperation with everyone. It’s a special collection for me, because we’ve put nature first, and everything was created in a sustainable manner, with care for the environment in mind, which has been motivating me to act, grow and work on my habits for a long time, said Anna Lewandowska.

The latest collection foreshadows larger collection by 4F and Anna Lewandowska which will premiere this summer.
4F×AL ESSENTIALS collection is available in 4F outlets and on 4F website: 4f.com.pl.
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