Jobs where women are paid better than men

The long-term effort to eliminate unequal conditions between men and women in terms of pay is bearing fruit. In some countries of the western world, including Slovakia, women already earn as much as men in several areas. In addition, there is a gradual increase in sectors where women’s earnings are higher than those of their male colleagues.

While some jobs have always been more women’s jobs, which is also the result of better income, in others women have had to earn higher incomes through their skills and work. The result is earnings that men do not achieve in their individual positions. According to statistics from a number of consultancy companies, the list of these sectors is extended every year. An example is the six jobs where women currently earn an average of several tens of euros more.

  • Health Advisor

Health is one of the five sectors that have been at the top of the rankings of areas where women can earn more than men for several years. For the time being, this is only possible in selected positions. This includes a health adviser whose job is to coordinate hospital facilities. This activity makes the operation of hospitals more transparent and much more in line with the so-called medical codes.

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  • Financial Advisor

Women can also earn better in the financial sector by providing advice. In this case, the attempt by top financial institutions to attract more women to this area is behind the offer of higher wages. As financial advisors can influence their income by working results, the most successful ones can earn up to several hundred euros more than men. This is particularly true in the field of insurance.

  • Assistant to the Research Agency

The main task of assistants employed by the research agencies is data collection and subsequent evaluation. Many of these assistants also have telephone contact with their respondents in the job description, for which, according to expert studies, women are better suited. In addition, assistants in these agencies may perform various administrative tasks for managers or directors, thereby also replacing secretaries. This is also why they are rated higher for this versatile workload.


  • Speaker

The amount of a speaker’s income depends on the area in which she is active. The highest salaries are paid to spokespersons for top officials and large multinationals. In the latter case, they are often also in charge of developing PR campaigns and branding. This now inevitably includes the sympathetic faces of women, which attract the attention of customers. Deliberative speakers must not be missed at the forefront of the world’s largest firms.

  • Interpreter

Interpreters are also a similar case to speakers. These can earn around €100-200 more than men working in the same position in Slovakia. In Western Europe, these salary differences are even greater, especially when practicing a profession in top-level state or international institutions such as individual bodies under the European Commission or the UN.

  • Psychologist

In Slovakia, most of the chairs are occupied by women in psychological consultations (not only). Although higher salaries are not the only reason for women’s increased interest in the profession, they, along with several other factors, significantly increase interest in psychology studies and subsequent work in the profession. Psychologists tend to get better value for money mainly because of their strong empathy and ability to empathize with their clients, which is why they get great results in this job.

Lower or higher salaries are not always a matter of discrimination against women or men. This is often linked to the hiring of specific positions, on which the amount of the employee’s or employees´ income also depends. In some sectors, women tend to occupy lower positions, while in others they are sought directly at the top of the corporate or employment hierarchy. The occupation of a particular position is then automatically reflected in the level of their earnings.

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