Empower Women: From financial independence to sustainable future

In the EU, women earn on average 14.1% per hour less than their male counterparts, which equals to almost two monthly salaries. This is why the European Commission marks November 10 as the symbolic day after which women basically work for free until the end of the year. Not only do women earn less, they receive lower pensions but tend to live 5 years longer than men on average.

Let’s discuss the factors behind the gender pay gap, what must be done to achieve equal pay and how can women achieve financial independence and plan for life-changing events such as maternity leave, divorce, and retirement.  

  1. Women Investing and Investing in Women 

Global crises disproportionately affect women and highlight their need for passive income and financial independence. Investing protects women’s savings from inflation and prepares them for retirement and unexpected life events like loss of work, divorce, or health complications. Female entrepreneurs account for 37% of global GDP. Support of women owned businesses has been linked to inclusive economic growth and it is a prerequisite of reaching the 2030 UN Sustainable development goals. How can we support female investors, empower female founders and how should wealth managers adapt to more women playing the game? 

  1. Women, Value–Based Investing, and the Future of ESG  

Did you know that women prefer value and impact-based investment, with 52% of women opting to invest in companies that have a positive social or environmental impact compared to 44% of men, according to a study carried out by Cerulli Associates? 

Women care more about the values of the companies they invest in than the returns, often choosing to invest in the fields of health, education, and sustainability. How can we utilize women’s preference for value and impact-based investing to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable future and why is this transition not possible without them? 

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