Mladen Mitić and his leadership style

Mladen Mitić and his leadership style in Slovak Telekom.

Mladen Mitić presenting, source: Linked In
Mladen Mitić presenting, source: Linked In

Telekom launched a fresh new services Magenta 1 and Magenta Moments, and we were there to hear about all of their benefits. We got the chance to interview a board member at Slovak Telekom- Mladen Mitić. Not only did he explain the perks of brand new Telekom services, but he as well described his leadership style and relationships he has with his colleagues. 

Could you describe what are the main purposes of the programs?

To be honest, we’ve been dealing with a lot of ideas in Telekom. We worked with various plans but all of them shared the same important value: Simplifying our offering and making it more appealing to our dear customers by giving them more benefits. Offer them everything, they are looking for.

That’s what the new programs are about, about enjoying all of the benefits we implemented. We realised that one household needs a combination of various services fulfilling needs of all members. For example, we offer streaming services, travel discounts, shops benefits, restaurant coupons and much more. A customer can choose from this wide variety.

Magenta, source: Linked in

Presenting new programs, Source: Linked In

What is your favourite benefit of the programs?

Overall, I believe it’s the flexibility that stands out for me immensely. If you get bored of the package of benefits you firstly picked, you can just simply change it up anytime. It’s not about technical combination. Our point is to enhance the family experience so that everyone is satisfied.

I have a daughter myself. One evening I am watching Game of Thrones and the other one I have to switch to watching cartoons with her. My personal favourite would be the traveling one, though. There are lots of flights from Bratislava and Vienna and after Covid, Slovaks are simply back to it, including myself.

New Magenta, source: Linked In

How would you describe working as a leader in Slovak Telekom?

At first, I worked as a young manager in my home country Serbia. Later, I continued my work journey in Norway, Denmark and Germany. I was used to this hierarchical and aligned organisation of things. I didn’t support this type of leadership and I changed giving orders into discussion. What I want my colleagues to know, is simply, why we operate the way we operate. I allow them to take part in making decisions. I enjoy that they are taking responsibility of their own actions and own up to them.

“My coworkers should take the glory for their own success, even though I am their leader.”

How do you like Slovakia?

I lived in Scandinavia for many years and a working life here, in Slovakia is totally different. Even though, I totally loved living in Norway or Denmark, I can tell that I am more than satisfied to live in a Slavic country now. Similar language, similar culture, similar traditions. People are smiling and they are super nice. I call this a “Slavic soul”, because I am one myself. We somehow give off the same vibe.

What do you think makes a good boss?

A boss is somebody who can be trusted and a person that trusts others. Someone who will give you the opportunities and provide enough space for self-development.

Mladen Mitić, source: Linked In

If colleagues get lost or suffer from a personal crisis, a good boss should become a mentor and help them out to get on the right path. It’s not only about getting the work done, but also about the human aspect. I let them make mistakes and instead of punishment, I offer them help.

“I was always lucky enough to have bosses, who trusted me and helped me with moving forward.”

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