Linked in star, Jasmin Alić about his career: “Even the world’s biggest experts become approachable thanks to Linked in.”

Jasmin Alić, source: Infestival

Infestival of 2024 in Slovakia did not disappoint a single participant. Hundreds of people came to gain some valuable information about the world of a famous business social platform called Linked in. We enjoyed the meaningful talks and interesting speeches given by famous Linked in speakers. One of whom, was a well known star of mentioned social site- Jasmin Alić. We got a chance to interview him.

He talked about:

  • his career experience,
  • benefits of his job,
  • Linked in power,
  • effect of social media on others.

What do you do for living?

Right now, I’m a content coach specifically for Linked in creators. I used to be a copywriter and I believe that is what most people know me for. I am still one though, but my main stream is the Linked in coaching. I have to tell, it’s going amazingly well.

source: Infestival

What are the best aspects of your job?

The thing I love the most is definitely the flexibility I am given. I can pick my “when”, my “where”, my “how” and my “how much” as well. For me this aspect is more than crucial, since I am a single father and I spend 90% of my time with my son.

Another aspect I enjoy would be the fact that I am able to reach people in places I couldn’t have imagined existed before.


Jasmin Alić, source: Infestival

Have you met anyone special thanks to Linked in?

Honestly, I meet so many amazing people every single day online. Whether it’s the ones with whom I want to work or just simply my followers in the comment section. Then later, when you finally get to meet them in person, you feel like you have a genuine relationship with them.

For example Richard van der Blom is one of the biggest Linked in stars on the planet. We’ve known each other for years but we have never sat down in person. This conference is the first time we had a chance to do that and the connection is simply there.


What are the tips you would give someone, when starting a Linked in profile?

The most important thing is to pick a lane, where the person feels strongest at. Don’t post anything about everything. Giving your audience 15 different topics, makes it hard for them to connect with you. They don’t know what to follow you for. Pick two or three themes and stick to them.

Jasmin Alić, source: Infestival

Jasmin Alić, source: Infestival

The other thing is investing your time into commenting every single day. Engage with the audience. A lot of people simply don’t understand the power of comments. Everyone feels like they need to post, but that is not necessarily true. The best way to increase your reach is networking and connecting with others.

“Linked in is different from other platforms, because it thrives on building relationships instead of consuming content.”

What is your favourite social media?

I’m not going to say this just because it’s my job, but it truly is Linked in. It’s definitely because other platforms make you feel bad. People there feel discouraged. It’s a constant drama and negativity. On the other hand, here, on Linked in, everyone tries to represent themselves the best way possible. They get to have civilised conversations, be nice to each other and show what they are good at.

What I also love about Linked in is that people post for free. I can learn from world’s greatest experts. For instance, I learned how to sell without selling. To this day I have never written a sales post nor mentioned my services in a single post. I understood that if people like you, they are willing to work with you and they reach out first.

source: Linked in

source: Infestival

What was your dream job when you were a kid?

I always wanted to be a rapper. I’ve already accomplished that. I was touring, having concerts, appearing in newspapers and television every day. But after a while, even though I enjoyed that job, I realised that that particular lifestyle wasn’t for me. I simply redirected my creativity elsewhere into marketing and copywriting.

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