Young Slovaks started a podcast called V TROJKE: “We thrive to inspire others,” they say

Podcast V TROJKE
Podcast V TROJKE

“We want our podcast V TROJKE (from Slovak: In a threesome) to be as inspiring as the guests who work with us,” said the young founders of the podcast V TROJKE, Matúš “Matty” Drien and Adrián Smolko. In their podcast, they invite inspiring guests to their studio and give them the space to share their stories with the world.

What is the idea behind starting your podcast?

We described the beginnings of our podcast in our pilot episode. Aďo was my fitness trainer, and after one of our training sessions, we decided to hang out. While chatting, various topics came around. Suddenly, the idea of starting a podcast came up. We immediately started thinking about what our podcast would be called, and it didn’t take us long at all. The theme song and jingle popped into my head right away. We decided on a concept, and the plan was set. All that was left to do, was start recording.

How long did it take you to actually start?

Straight from the beginning, the whole situation started to get super complicated. Aďo was planning to move from Bratislava to his hometown, but he ended up moving to Germany at the end. The idea of the podcast resonated with us, and when he visited Slovakia after some time, we rented a studio, recorded the first episode, and released it. The first episode was full of laughter and spontaneous conversations. We loved it.

An episode with a 12 year old student

An episode with a 12 year old student

Which topics do you guys talk about?

We try to give a chance to both adults and children whom we believe should be heard. There aren’t many podcasts that would invite a 12-year-old high school student. We did it because we want to support this generation as well. The more interesting the guest, the better the impressions and reach. However, the truth is that our mission isn’t just about popularity, but primarily about the good feeling and meaningful work that drives us. Leaving the studio with a new story heard and a fresh perspective on the world.


Which of the stories did you find the most inspiring?

It’s amazing how all our guests contribute to our podcast in their unique way with their remarkable stories and perspectives. There are always moments when a guest opens up more, and as hosts, we get to live their powerful life stories through them talking just about it.

For example, our latest guest, Elenka, brought beautiful insights to our show. Her experiences and presence were incredibly inspiring for us and left an unforgettable impression. During her speech on the podcast, we felt chills all over our bodies, making it clear that this was one of those special moments we will remember for a long time.

An episode with a traveller Elenka

An episode with a traveller Elenka

What can we expect from the podcast next?

So far, V TROJKE has been released only in audio format, but starting with the next episode, listeners can look forward to an attractive video format. We are convinced that this format has the power to attract a new audience that might not otherwise not be reached. We can also share it on various online platforms, social networks, and YouTube. Additionally, we are in the process of setting up a new content strategy. We are constantly trying to improve. We want our podcast to be as inspiring as the guests who create it with us.

Besides podcast, what do you guys do?

Matty: My main job is in the marketing department of the largest insurance company in Slovakia, where I play a dual role as Brand Manager and Art Director. This hybrid approach to the position is unusual, but it works very well for me. As a Brand Manager, I give the brand a new character. As an Art Director, I create its visual appearance. I started working there 4 years ago when I needed to set a new visual for the brand and give it what it deserves.

I love it, and at the same time, those who know me well, know that I like life challenges that push me forward and give me room for realization. This is the main reason why, a year ago, together with my friend Maťka, we decided to start a Slovak fashion brand called Enclava. To top it off, I enjoy chatting with Aďo on our podcast V TROJKE 🙂

Matúš "Matty" Drien

Matúš “Matty” Drien


Aďo: I am currently living in Germany and working manually in a warehouse. In addition, I engage in online coaching in the areas of fitness and healthy eating habits. However, I try to push my personal development in a creative direction. My ambition is to focus on video editing programs, photography, and graphic design.

It is well-known that I am also a big adrenaline enthusiast and love various challenges. I love mountain climbing, competitions, have a hidden passion for combat sports, and, of course, have been passionate about weightlifting for many years.

Moreover, I see the podcast as a huge opportunity to prove that there are many people in this world who deserve to be heard and definitely deserve attention. I know that in the upcoming years, I want to devote everything to my personal development. It will be tough but worth it. (laughs)

Adrián Smolko

Adrián Smolko


Why do young people leave Slovakia?

Aďo: I also ended up working abroad, and I won’t lie; it’s mainly because salaries are 2-3 times higher than in Slovakia. Financial reasons are a major factor for many people leaving. It’s at times challenging to earn living and find a satisfying, well-paying job in Slovakia. Personally, I want to return and try to succeed at home, finding a job I enjoy that also supports me. Seeing Matty’s success motivates me. I encourage people not to be afraid and to fight more for what they want instead of immediately leaving the country.

Matty: I agree with Aďo that young people often leave Slovakia for various reasons. For me, these include a lack of job opportunities, lower salaries, and limited career growth. Employers should motivate their employees and provide opportunities for career as well as personal growth. Many young people seek better living conditions, educational opportunities, or work prospects abroad. Additionally, a lack of trust in the political and economic system can motivate some to look for better prospects elsewhere.

An episode with barbers

An episode with barbers

Do you agree that young people can work as professionally as older individuals?

Yes, definitely. With the right motivation, approach, and support, young people can work as professionally as older individuals. They bring fresh ideas and methods that are very useful. Collaboration between generations is beneficial, with older people offering support and guidance. Instead of focusing on differences and comparing who is better or worse, we should promote mutual development. Each person has unique ideas and visions that contribute to a diverse and dynamic work environment.

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